The Foundations of Sound Healing


Learn the foundational principles. Create your sound healing practice. Unlock the power of your voice. Share your service with the world.

Module I Sept 19-21, 2024
Module II Oct 17-19, 2024
Module III Nov 14-16, 2024
Module IV Jan 9-11, 2025

You have met the healing qualities of sound by surprise. You have felt it resonate with you in the deepest layers of your core touching on a knowing you didn't realize was there. And now you can't turn away from it anymore, you want more.

The Foundations of Sound Healing certificate training is designed to give you in depth experience with sound healing in the context of meditation and mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as explore in detail the history of sound healing and its modern day science.

You will learn with Zacciah Blackburn, a true grandfather of the sound healing discipline and instructor of practitioners since the 1990s, and with Dorothy Stone who shares her 30 years of holistic wellness experience with gentle compassion and with the wisdom and voice of the sacred feminine.

You will come away from this training with a renewed understanding of the relationship between sound and consciousness, and a deep honor for sacred sound transmission as instrument for spiritual evolution. 

You'll be ready to hold your own practice and delight in sharing it with your family, clients, community and the world.

I want this

Be prepared for the bigger questions to be answered in a way that blows your mind but satisfies your soul.

The layout of the program

Four modules, each containing three days of classes, guide you through all steps necessary for a full practice with a Certificate of Training at the end.

The program incorporates modern scientific studies in neuroacoustics, neurophysiology, the use of healing sound instruments, voice - sound technologies, Cymatics, and development of one's own understanding of the innate qualities of self.

You will gain experience in working with a myriad of traditional and contemporary instruments as well as utilize your own voice. And no, you don't have to be a singer to discover the healing qualities of your song.

We incorporate an intuitive and shamanic understanding of the nature and subtle worlds of consciousness and explore these principles with sound therapy, awareness exercises and balancing techniques, to approach a deep understanding of the human energy system and the ways in which we can support its physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

You will work with principals of ceremonial healing and develop skills and strategies to work in group and individual therapeutic context.

Sound transmission as a healing modality, when utilized with clear understanding, integrity, and intention, promotes wellness within yourself and others you are working with.

The science is becoming inextricably clear on this. The Foundations of Sound Healing certificate training gives you the technical skill and inner knowing to practice it and bring it forward.

An introduction to the Foundations of Sound Healing certificate training by Zacciah Blackburn


"The certificate program is so in depth and comprehensive. Doing this work is truly a transformational experience."

Jennie Anstey

"These programs were the most important education for me. They launched my practice."

Laura Ridgeway

Foundations of Sound Healing certificate training is broken up into four 3 day modules. The classes are a mix of lecture and active practice, with a good deal of question and answer time.

We start with the core principles and quickly dive deeper into the way of sound.


Introduction to sound healing.

In this first module you learn the foundational principles and nature of sound healing as a healing modality.

We will:

  • study the relationship between sound, healing and consciousness
  • learn how instruments of all kinds can be used for therapeutic sound healing
  • explore the creative healing qualities of your voice.


Create your sound healing practice.

In this second module we explore the practical application of instruments in meditative and therapeutic practices.

We will:

  • deepen the experiential practice of sound healing and creating your own practice
  • gain understanding in the dynamic principles of neurophysiology, consciousness, and the subtle energy system of the human body
  • explore integration with an existing professional therapeutic practice.


Sacred space and sacred voice.

When you enter the third module of the training, we come closer to the magic within.

We will:

  • learn how to use sacred space in our personal and professional lives
  • discuss the boundaries and limitations of positive and negative forces in our life and workplace
  • create awareness of professional ethics and care
  • explore specific methodology to connect with allies and guides and learn to attune to, embrace, embody, and emanate their voices
  • unlock the power of your voice as a channel for sacred sound.


Share your service with the world.

This final module is designed to deepen your wisdom and understanding of the tools we have gathered and bring this forward into your therapeutic practice.

We will:

  • explore even more deeply our understanding and application of sound healing skills, exploring how sound effects healing, change and growth via the natural forces within our human bodies, as well as other aspects of the science of sound
  • bridge more deeply into how to work with others in a client based practice, or integrate our new skills into our existing practice
  • have much time for Q&Ato help with application for specific student needs, further skill development and deep integration.

Learn from elders in sound healing and holistic practices for over 30 years

Zacciah Backburn, Founder, Owner, Sunreed Center
Dorothy Stone, Co-owner, Sunreed Center

Zacciah Blackburn

Zacciah has been involved in the field of healing music, sound and shamanic practices for his entire professional life. His work focuses on therapeutic sound, spiritual development, and indigenous earth mysteries. He's trained in classical healing, shamanic traditions and sacred sound culture practices.

Dorothy Stone

Dorothy brings the wisdom of many different treatment modalities to her practice and is a true believer in the healing power of sound and love. Her years of study in sound healing and consciousness continually inspire her to bring the energies of harmony and balance to her work and the world.

They are both equally excited and deeply honored for the opportunity to walk alongside you on your personal journey and initiation into the power of Sacred Sound and the Great Mystery.

Receive their guidance

Sound healing is a shared experience

Join us for our upcoming modules in the Foundations of Sound Healing certificate training.

  • Each module has classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 1pm to 4pm ET and include a short break.
  • Classes are hosted live over Zoom and you receive access to complementary materials on our online learning platform. You can participate from anywhere on the world!



Introduction to sound healing

  • September 19-21, 2024
  • Before class, reserve 4-5 hours to watch the precourse videos
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Create your sound healing practice

  • October 17-19, 2024
  • Prerequisite: module I
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Sacred space and sacred voice

  • November 14-16, 2024
  • Prerequisite: module I and II
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Share your service with the world

  • January 9-11, 2025
  • Prerequisite: module I, II and III
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How does sound inform you? It's time to listen and deepen your understanding of the wisdom inside of you.


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