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Healing through the way of sound.

Remembering the light of your wisdom within.

Time honored guidance and quality instruments for ease and confidence in your revolutionary pathway of resonance and radiance.

Whether you are an experienced professional longing to deepen your work in the therapeutic field, or a beginner intrigued to learn more about the healing qualities of sound, our programs are designed to meet you in your seeking and initiation you into the power of Sacred Sound and the Great Mystery.

Three paths bring you to one source center: Your inner wisdom.

Sound Healing

Evolution of Consciousness

Earth Mysteries

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It is time to step forward in radiance, in resonance with your essence.

To come into harmony with the nature of our greater reality so you can be with the greatness that is within you.

Sunreed Center provides the highest quality instruments, and offers time honored guidance in sound healing, consciousness and earth wisdom. Our intentions are dedicated to authentic healing for world-wide self-realization and an unwavering support for those feeling called to do the work. Changing lives through sound since 1977. 

How are you?  How are you really?  Come, come wherever you are.

Meeting yourself back in your wholeness.

Sound and Consciousness invite us to consider our relationship with the greater cosmos.

Learn from elders in sound healing for over 45 years

Zacciah Backburn, Founder, Owner, Sunreed Center
Dorothy Stone, Co-owner, Sunreed Center

Zacciah Blackburn

Zacciah has been involved in the field of world healing music, sound and shamanic practices for his entire professional life. His work focuses on therapeutic sound, spiritual development, and indigenous earth mysteries. He's trained in classical healing, shamanic traditions and sacred sound culture practices. 

Dorothy Stone

Dorothy brings the wisdom of many different treatment modalities to her practice and is a true believer in the healing power of sound and love. Her years of study in sound, healing and consciousness continually inspire her to bring the energies of harmony and balance to her work and the world.

Together, Zacciah and Dorothy bring over 80 years of combined wisdom and experience in the nature and path of spiritual evolution. They have studied with master teachers from multiple cultures, and have been initiated into the wisdom traditions of several. 

You will have the opportunity to meet both of these incredibly gifted humans in our programs designed to help you remember your original sound and light as a gift to this world.

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We have excellent staff to assist you, no matter your questions, no matter your level of skill or knowledge.

Because of our background of decades of work and service in the fields of sound healing and world music, we bring a depth of knowledge and wisdom to assist you. We are grateful to have the opportunity.

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