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We are your center for time honored guidance in sound healing, consciousness and earth wisdom.

We offer programs for personal and professional exploration and our store provides the highest quality instruments to support you in your practice.  


We believe in unyielding stewardship for the global sound healing community. You have a unique song to contribute to the whole and we would love guide you in its discovery.

We celebrate time-honored wisdom traditions and give thanks to our ancestors and the cultures who offered their wisdom and tools, to help us achieve our purpose in this lifetime. We honor the wisdom you hold.

We nourish wholeness, perpetuating good to be long-lasting and practice reciprocity in harmony with the rhythm of life. We have much to share with you and are curious about who you are and where you long to go.

We practice awareness at each moment and take responsibility for the quality of our experience. Our intentions are dedicated to authentic healing for worldwide self-realization. We are deeply supportive of your growth.

When you feel called, we invite you to join us in the new way forward; The Way of Sound™

Dorothy Stone, Zacciah Blackburn, Sunreed Center

Sunreed Center and Sunreed Instruments® represent the lifelong pilgrimages into the science and spirit of sound for Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone.

Although this might sound impressive, the reality is that this rewarding pilgrimage, likely similar to your own experience, hasn't always been easy. It has required acts of love and devotion, and has included tough decisions, persistence and building trust with life, its deeper meanings and greater essence.

About Zacciah Blackburn, Sunreed Center

Zacciah is a gifted intuitive, educator and sacred sound channel.

What began as a bamboo flute-making business in the early 70’s to support a new way of being, soon led Zacciah to a path of storytelling, wisdom sharing, shamanic practices and sacred sound transmissions. He shares authentic training in the nature of human consciousness, authentic being and self-realization, as well as exploration into the world of earth energies and sacred sound cultures.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, a talented athlete in his youth, Zacciah was guided to move away from a conventional lifestyle and dedicated his path and studies to principles of love, joy, understanding spiritual awakening and global sound healing. Owner, father, friend and life partner to Dorothy, Zacciah is a guiding force and steward of Sunreed Center. He teaches internationally and practices in Vermont, within reach of Mt. Ascutney, and many other sacred sites he has developed deep relationships with. A guide and gatekeeper of mystical wisdom of the universe, Zacciah facilitates healing, prayers, authentic practices and learning from many spiritual traditions in the sacred time-honored teachings of The Way of Sound.

"I would sit for hours tuning in to the resonance of these magnificent stones, and begin making simple sounds, toning with my voice. At some point, the stones would open and send shards of light in geometric forms pouring into me like lightning bolts. Over time, I realized these were like seeds of the wisdom embodied in the stones, infusing me, awakening me. From there, as I developed relationship to the spirit of place, and the spirit of Mt Ascutney, then to three major mountains of the region, followed by three lakes, they taught me how to work with them, how to create a toroidal field of merging male and female energy, counter rotating,generating a living field of energy to seed our prayers into to anchor and manifest them.

Nature, in her wisdom, has brought me through some lost times."

Zacciah Blackburn, outdoors, Vermont
About Dorothy Stone, Sunreed Center

Dorothy has been working in the area of health and wellness for over 30 years.

At the beginning of her career as an Oncology Nurse, Dorothy took the brave step to follow the call of her heart and transition into alternative healthcare. For a time, she also worked as an Arts Administrator, which likely contributed to her inherent ability to hold an artful gaze to all endeavours. Her deep care for beauty, nature and all living beings has inspired her to bring forth the many different healing modalities in her practice and her life. She has devoted years of study and practice in the areas of sound healing and consciousness and continually seeks to embody harmony, balance, kindness and compassion in her work and in all relations.

As an artist, her love of the natural world has informed her creations. She is accomplished at painting spirit drums and designing instruments oriented towards bringing forth the wisdom of the sacred feminine. Her hexagonal bee drums, egg of creation women’s mystery rattles and triskele tuning forks are all examples of the depth of her mastery. Grandmother, mother, wife and hearth holder, Dorothy supports and inspires those around her, encourages us to embrace the good found everywhere and is a true believer in the healing power of sound and love.  

"This drum, I remember this drum I was working on once, getting to know it, to paint it. We were at a retreat centre outside doing a gathering practice, and I had this drum in my hand because I was spending time with it until the painting would come. I remember opening my eyes and looking up, and standing there at the edge of the trees was a wolf. I could see this wolf, this spirit wolf, and I could see it standing there staring at me, this wolf. And then as we kept in the practice, this wolf ... it came running towards me and this wolf ... it leapt into the drum. Well, that painting came.

Spirit always shows up when I need support, I just need to make myself available."

 Dorothy Stone, ritual

Together, Zacciah and Dorothy’s teachings are evolutionary.

They live the way of sound with reverence to the great mystery, illuminating the principles of healing, sound and consciousness as a path of spiritual growth in their work and everyday lives.

Whether you are an experienced therapist, a yoga teacher, a devoted seeker, or someone just starting out in a spiritual practice; you will feel moved by their words and experiential sound practices that reawaken the great wisdom that is also within you.

With the unwavering support of their small but mighty team, Zacciah and Dorothy are deeply honored to join you on your journey as you step forward in radiance and resonance with your true nature and bring forward the unique medicine of the sacred song within you.

How are you? How are you really?

Come, come wherever you are.

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