Earth & Sky Retreat


with Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone

An advanced program into the heart of the earth and the sound of the sky gifting you with a whole new level of resonance and radiance with the greatness in and around you.

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Spirit is guiding us in our work and this journey. Each of us sharing our unique imprint of who we are. 

You have a vital part to contribute to the whole.

As a collective, we are gathering momentum for this great awakening. As unique individuals, we can assist the birthing of this great planet in its evolutionary spiral of life and light.

At the retreat we come together in celebration with the great drums and the greatness of community, to deepen our relationships with our gifts and guides and to give forward in reverence of the divine mysteries and the becoming of it all.

Drum, spirit, guidance

Those of us ready, have a responsibility.
You know you have. You have chosen the path yourself.

Do you remember?

Can you hear the song, the tone, the resonance emerging from within you?

It is time to do this work we have come here to do.

It is time to sit in resonance and radiance with the divine states of being.

It is time to remember it all and to re-integrate it in all of you.

I am ready
spiritual work, healing hands, mystic

The content of the program cannot be fully spoken to. It is in a constant evolutionary spiral with the Guides who come to inform and collaborate with us. It also depends on you as to how it unfolds, with all the enormous potential that you bring to join and collaborate with us.

We will combine indoor and outdoor practices on the extraordinary 300 acre of pristine nature of Riverledge Farm and Retreat Center in Grafton, rural Vermont, which dedicates itself to this work. Our ending practice is at the Stone Circle at Sunreed Center.

We will join with old and new friends building community together.
We’ll celebrate the evenings with dance and song.
We’ll be fed by our caretakers at the Farm, and others bringing their culinary delights to the table.
We’ll walk and commune with the lands, the pond, the Sun and Sky.
We’ll call upon their power and grace, remembering our own.

We will rest, be nourished, remember, contemplate and embody at an ever deeper level.

Come join us! Listen with us and sing with us the songs of Earth & Sky, the melodies of our hearts.

Early registration will insure your onsite housing. Camping onsite is available. You may also choose to attend the program daily, but make your own housing choices elsewhere.

  • Arrival on Thursday September 5th, after 3pm
  • Program dates are Friday, Saturday, Sunday, September 6- 8, 2024, with optional stay over on Sunday night
  • Breakfast, snacks and dinner included
  • We come together at Riverledge Farm in Grafton, Vermont.

The Earth & Sky Retreat has limited enrolment and is only open to Advanced students of Zacciah and Dorothy.

Ritual, Zacciah Blackburn, Dorothy Stone

Staying offsite


Arrange your housing elsewhere

  • Meals included, starting Friday with breakfast




Camping onsite


Bring your own tent & bedding

  • All meals included, starting Thursday with light dinner
  • Bathroom & shower access
  • Add an extra camping night at registration

Shared room


Single bed in a room shared with 2-4 folks

  • All meals included, starting Thursday with light dinner
  • Linens and towels
  • Add an extra night at registration

Single room


A room of one's own

  • All meals included, starting Thursday with light dinner
  • Linens and towels
  • Add an extra night at registration

Single room - couple


Registration for you & partner

  • All meals included, starting Thursday with light dinner
  • Linens and towels
  • Add an extra night at registration
Riverledge Retreat, Earth & Sky Retreat location

All the FAQ and details you'll like to know

Blessings to our dear ones; we remember who you are.

We're looking forward to have you